Getting Rejected

A guy goes up to the tall, uniformed and imposing Doorman at the NYC offices of a major publishing company.

“Yes sir?” says the doorman inhospitably “Can I help you?”

“Er …I have an appointment at ten o’clock with Mr. Travers,” said the young nervous author.

“Mr. Travers?”

“Yes”, said the author enthusiastically and holds out a manuscript. “It’s regarding my novel,”

“Well, I’m afraid Mr. Travers isn’t available today!”

“Not available? But…”

“I’m afraid he’s on vacation.”

“On vacation?”

“I’m afraid so. In the Cayman Islands.”

“The Cayman Islands?”



“Yes. Sorry.”

“But I’ve come all the way from Hartford!”

“But look”, said the Doorman, smiling enthusiastically, “why don’t you leave the novel with me. I can reject it, if you like.”


You can spend a small fortune printing off copies of your tome. Maybe the publishing people say they are accepting manuscripts. Spend another fortune on postage. Maybe it’s something you’ve spent years on. And then you get rejected – probably by some early twenty-something undergraduate from a previously undiscovered University in North Dakota – only to be rejected with a curt pre-printed letter – thanks but no thanks.

Keep trying,’ say the experts. ‘How many famous authors had their work rejected over a dozen times? Persist!’

But the process is heart-breaking. Often demeaning.


That’s why so many authors are looking in the direction of alternate publishing. We at i-witness publications are looking for writing that is ‘close to the edge’ – works that dare to be different. Writing accessible versions of classical Greek drama, for example, or re-imagining ‘difficult’ authors like James Joyce or John Cleland – both of whom were ‘banned’ at various times in their career.

Have a look at the works we have to offer, and if you have something that mirrors our aims and aspirations then contact us.

And sign up to our blog and make comments.

i-Witness is a new not-for-profit publication/publishing organization that is daring to be different.


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