The play’s the thing

The shape of writing is changing. It’s not just full-length novels that budding authors are undertaking. There are lots of ways to get your ideas across. Plays and Poetry are exciting ways to transmit your message – not least because they offer the chance of having your work broadcast – performed on stage or read aloud in an atmospheric corner of a warm, welcome pub. Performance Poetry is decidedly on the increase and offers a unique and life changing experience to air your work in public and bask in the post-read afterglow. Having your poetry published means that you can refer your new fans in the direction of obtaining their own copy of the stuff they have just heard – to peruse and admire at their leisure.



Performance poetry – Decidedly on the increase

Getting a play produced is difficult but the process is given more clout if the work has been published professionally. Theatre Companies and Producers are more likely to sit up and take note if they have something appear on their laptop that looks expert and reliable.


i-Witness have recently published OUR DAILY BREAD which will soon be in hard copy and already the author PETER MCGARRY has received offers of further work on the back of this publication.

OUR DAILY BREAD is a one-act play that concerns an incident of ‘significant harm’ to baby Leo, age 18 months, when Social Worker, Janice, discovers, that young, single mum Sharon has, in frustration, burnt her son’s wrists and forearms with a cigarette. A Child Protection Order is taken out and a court case to obtain an Interim Care order is processed.


During the portrayal of the maltreatment and the subsequent legal steps to ensure the safety of the child the script examines the life of the two disparate women thrust together by the uneasy circumstance of child abuse to become enmeshed in the labyrinth of a topic that has dominated the headlines for the past thirty years. A divorced unfulfilled Social Worker and a young volatile mother mirror each other’s lives and the reflections lay bare the bleak defects in their circumstances – money, sex, men and the desolate prospect of a bleak empty future. Lurking behind the witty dialogue and the raw angry humour lie the blemishes of Domestic Violence, Sexual Exploitation bureaucratic indifference, discrimination and social inequality.

OUR DAILY BREAD was first performed in 1986 by Eyewitness Theatre Company at the HALF MOON THEATRE in East London and has subsequently had over 1200 performances worldwide and been acclaimed with 8 international awards (including Edinburgh, New York and Hamburg) and was winner of the 1995 AMERICAN THEATRE  FESTIVAL in Orlando, Florida.

There’s a moral here – it’s never too late to think about polishing off those poems or dramatic dialogue and think about getting them published.



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