Resistant Families

There has sadly been a lot of child abuse cases in the news recently. The way some parents treat their children with remarkable cruelty. Starving them.  Burning them.  Locking them up in dark rooms and recently in LA putting them in a microwave.

When a child is seriously injured or killed there is usually, in England and North America some form of review [Serious Case Review) to try to understand why the agencies involved could not do more to safeguard the wellbeing of the child(ren).  The big problem that social workers, the police and health professionals have is that families are ‘resistant’ That is they refuse to cooperate with enquiries from /safeguarding agencies. They tell lies. They disguise compliance. They get threatening and aggressive and generally take steps to avoid their children being ‘assessed’ by professionals.

The ‘resistant families’ are particularly hard to deal with for child protection professionals – especially when the authorities have little or no statutory or legal platform on which to base their enquiries.

EYEWITNESS THEATRE COMPANY is the theatrical component of I-WITNESS PUBLICATIONS and has performed many of the plays that I-WITNESS has published.  EYEWITNESS spent last week in the Kingston and Richmond areas of London with specially scripted scenarios and theatre workshops that got to the heart of how professionals might manage ‘resistant families’ who kill or seriously injure their offspring.  It looks likely that there will be a whole bunch of these very successful and stimulating modules (You can contact us for more details).

odbOUR DAILY BREAD has been a big EYEWITNESS stalwart for over 30 years. Having won an Edinburgh Fringe First in the mid-eighties, the play concerns a young single mum who burns her son with a cigarette. As the drama unfolds the secrets, hopes, wishes and tragedies of the two protagonists. Sharon, the mum, and her social worker Janice are laid bare in a fascinating two-hander.

Perhaps the biggest ever child abuse in history was the actions of MEDEA who slaughtered her children merely to exact5 revenge on her husband Jason (he of the Argonauts fame). EYEWITNESS produced their own version of Euripides famous Greek /tragedy and it won award after award. The BBC called it ‘Unique! On a different level’; and in Orlando where it won the Festival, The Sentinel hailed it as ‘Theatre that spins!’. Take a look it really is on a different level.iwitness-logo

If you have work relating to social issues that you are wanting published, i-Witness would love to hear from you. Contact us to tell us more about your work and how we can help you become self-published.



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