Eyewitness Theatre Company

All the plays we have available have been previously performed – many winning international awards. We work in partnership with EYEWITNESS THEATRE COMPANY who have performed our plays with award-wining success all across the globe.

Eyewitness was formed in 1986 touring London and the South East. In 1990 it became the only British Theatre Company to gain an award at the prestigious PRIX ITALIA in Rome.

In 1994 the company won the American International Theatre Festival with Our Daily Bread. Since then, Eyewitness has achieved numerous international awards in Germany, the USA, Australia and South Africa, and most recently with TROJAN WOMEN at the UK Theatre Festival in Buxton UK in 2008.

Eyewitness won the International Theatre Festival in Edmonton, Canada in 2009 with LYSISTRATA.

Eyewitness offers inter-agency training and development for professionals who safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. The company regularly writes and produces online/film scripts for schools, youth groups, the N.H.S and Children’s Services Departments (LSCBs). Our popular safeguarding children play, Our Daily Bread, is now available in paperback and on Kindle.

You can contact Eyewitness Theatre Company at: EyewitnessTheatre@hotmail.com